The playlist for the satsang is ready…🎶🎶

BOLLYWOOD SATSANG, you say…?!! 🤔My answer is, “YES!!”

Sit quietly for a while, bring the image of your Ishta deva, or even the above picture in your mind’s eye and sing…

Ek din aap yun humko mil jayenge; phool he phool rahon mein khil jaayenge; Maine socha na tha….!   OR

for the Divine mother-

Pal pal dil ke paas, tum rehti ho; Jeevan meethi pyaas yeh Kehti ho…

Try this…

Betab dil ki, Tamanna yahi hai, tumhe chahenge, tumhe pujenge,tumhe apna Khuda banayenge…

Bollywood songs especially the golden 60’s and early 70’s and even earlier have been a weakness. I was frequently scolded for listening and humming along (my mother was pretty conservative in those days and good girls apparently didn’t sing aloud … dil tadap tadap ke keh raha aa bhi ja, tu humse aankh na chura, tujhe kasam hai aa bhi jaa …) 

Nowadays, I feel it’s a great way to call Mother Divine! Sing with me… tu nahi toh yeh bahar kya bahar hai, Gul nahi khile ke Tera intzaar hai … Get my point?😁😁

But my love and passion for the songs inspired me to be sneaky. I would take the transistor (remember those?) to bed, turn down the volume very low and basically glue the device to my ear and listen till 11.30 pm when the program Bela ke Phool on Vividh Bharti got over. I had to be extremely cautious not to be found out as my mum and dad slept in the next room and I shared a room with my grandmother and siblings in our tiny apartment.

Those were the days when the honeyed voice of Amin Sayani introduced the songs. I loved programs like Chhaya geet, Bianca geetmala, Jaymala – for the Jawans… today’s FM channels are but a weak reproduction of those glorious days. I was a veritable encyclopaedia on the music directors, lyricists, movies and could identify a song by the introductory tune!

Well, then life happened. Slowly the songs were relegated to the background and the transistor gave way to homework, school bags, lunch boxes, and the general rollercoaster of life.

In the last decade, while going through a period of great upheaval- emotionally and mentally, I found the songs triggering so I avoided them. Dear reader, left to myself, I will sing away the day and distancing myself from something that gave me joy made it seem as though a part of me was missing. 

Once, I was particularly distraught and was sitting in front of my Guru, Om Swamiji’s image (Pic.above) Suddenly, it seemed as though His eyes were looking straight at me and through me. There was so much compassion in his eyes as if to urge me not to give up. I realised that the song, Jeevan se Bhari Teri aakhen, majboor kare jeene ke liye… was running through my mind. 

The floodgates opened … Teri aankhon ke siva duniya mein rakha kya hai… and

Ab toh hai tumse, Har Khushi Apni… etc.etc.etc. I sang for my beloved spiritual father and my Divine mother. Tears would roll down in ecstasy. I would (still do) hold their pictures and dance around the house.

Now Bollywood songs revolve only around my beloved Gurudev and Ma.

 Jo Tumko ho pasand wahi baat karenge; Tum din ko agar raat kaho, raat karenge… try singing this one with a changed perspective and not be moved by it!

There are so many that I need another post just to list them out, not to mention the AHA!! experienced when you hear Abida Parvin singing Amir Khusrau’s words or Shivpreet Singh singing Shabads. Sufiyana music, kirtan and Shabads transport me to a state of mind where no sadhana takes me. 

Can’t resist so I am ending with a favourite, 🎶… Tum he ho, bas Tum he ho, meri zindagi ab Tum he ho, chaiin bhi, mera dard bhi, meri aashiqui bas Tum he ho…🎶🎶

Share your playlist or at least a favourite Bollywood number in the comments below. I would love to add them to my playlist.😊

This write up is inspired by a suggestion from Prahalad Rajkumar. Much gratitude Prahalad!

Special thanks to Anu Om, your singing helped to open the above mentioned floodgates.