‘There’s Something About You’ is Yashodhara Lal’s third book. Earlier her two books namely ‘Just Married, Please Excuse’ and ‘Sorting out Sid’ were bestsellers. ‘Just Married, Please Excuse’ was her autobiographical novel in which the character named Yashodhara faces adjustment problems with her hubby Vijay during the first three years of their marriage and ‘Sorting Out Sid’ was from written from a view point of a male.

The most interesting point I liked in ‘There’s Something About You’ is that the female protagonist is not beautiful, slim or attractive like the heroines of other romantic novels. Trish, the main character is in her late twenties, overweight, single and have lots of problems in her family and career life. She is burdened with lots of responsibilities like any ordinary person in the society. She fights with her problems own her own. She keeps trying to find a solution for the problems arising one after another in her life. She is helpful and even tries to save a stranger’s life at the risk of her own life. While reading she doesn’t seem to be a character but appears to me like a real person living my next door.

Sahil, the main character is in his thirties, doesn’t want to join their family business, plays guitar, helps the underprivileged and has some super natural powers of seeing the past or future of the person whom he touched by chance. Although Trish is an exception!

This is an unusual romantic novel in which as the hero touches the heroine, she felt electric current passing through her, something much similar to classic Bollywood movies. The chemistry between the two is interesting and the conversations are mostly enjoying.

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