Who have created these boundaries?
God haven’t created these boundaries…
God have created this beautiful Earth for all..
Then why are these boundaries created ..

These boundaries are created by man only..
For their selfish motives ..
These boundaries are not boundaries of land ..
But those are the boundaries of human mind ..
Which don’t want to go beyond a certain extent…
They have secluded themselves to a small pond
Of which they are king
They don’t want to go beyond it
To see what is waiting for them
Outside these boundaries

These boundaries are only for man ..
There are birds and animals who,
don’t know the language of boundaries..
They go everywhere ,
Wherever they want ,
Enjoying their freedom …
They are free souls..

But if one look into past..
What these boundaries have given to mankind
Nothing good , but only war!war!war!
Bloodshed, anger , hatred , fight , revenge and
Sacrificing lives of so many souls for these boundaries..

And world has now become used to
Of these boundaries … that
These have created disturbances
And friction in the world …

To have peace in this world ,
Everybody should make an
Effort to love peacefully and harmoniously ..
And cooperate with each other
In becoming better human beings


Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om