“Why are you crying Beta? What happened?”

A young man saw a little girl sitting near the flower shop where he came to order a bouquet for her mother.

“Today is my mother’s birthday so I want to buy a red rose for her but I don’t have enough money” She said while dropping her tears

“Oh sweet girl! Don’t worry I’ll buy a red rose for you, you don’t worry. By the way I was too buying this bouquet for my mother” The young man said

He bought the red rose for the girl and ordered his bouquet for her mother at her address.

“Can I drop you to your mother?” The young man asked

“Yes please” She said with an innocent smile

The guy took the direction of his car as the girl told him and they reached to a cemetery.

She hurrily went to her mother’s freshly dug grave and placed her rose on it.

The young man returned to the flower shop, cancelled the delivery order and picked the bouquet and drove to the two hundred miles to his mother’s house.

Often times we don’t give value to the most important people and things of our life until we lose them permanently.

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