Still I fall down

Blooded wounded

The nights so dark

yet puts a question mark

if I’d be able to carry on

with this weary life of mine

When the head pounding 

gets to a point

where any amount effort 

gets denied

a thought won’t emerge

in the mind’s eye

only random uneven flashing 

visuals of memory lane


If it were to be 

the last breaths I take

what do I see

of these twenty-three 

long years?


Your gentle smiling face

as close as

heartbeat is to heart

and your echoing reassuring

words in my ears

“You’ll be fine”.


So I close my eyes

all numb and welled up

an unbearable pain

red hot head

burning insane


Not a tear to shed though

just a faint dry smile…


In your holy land

your abode above my head

on my left your home,

If I were to die tonight

Would it not be the best?

With no regrets left!


All the lovely-love 

memories I made 

with a bird of my own kind

like a bubbling stream of brook

cools my heavy breathless 

heart down

As if I’d had the 

best life one could ever have

nothing more to ask for

no reason to frown…


As I cherish 

forgetting all the hurt

smiling the smile 

of an ignorant child

You secretly take me 

into your soft lap 

putting me to a

sweet restful sleep.


I open my eyes

at this wee hour of night.

Aaahh, I am alive.

Yes, you were right

I Am Fine


The darkness is dispelled,

A lamp of faith 

burns incessantly

Your divine face

chuckling lovingly

looking me in the eyes.

So what do I do now, Lord?

with this Gift of Life

you’ve given to me…


In my bones I feel

without a doubt…

I am gonna Love

Boundless, Limitless Love

Love & Love alone

shall set me apart,

Love & Love alone

shall wipe away  

afflictions that blind

slowly purifying

lighting up my heart


I’ll sing, I’ll dance

I’ll write, I’ll rejoice


In your big big scheme

your big big plans

let me be a small little part

a melodious skylark

fearlessly flying around 

singing your glories 


Through the notes of my song

Let the world know…

Truth is to be found


Let the world know…


Divine is real

and he comes down

in human form


He heals the hurt

in a blink of eye

fills up lives with a  

harmonious sound


His cheeks are pink

His fragrance is strong

The sweetest sandalwood

nowhere to be found.


I touch your feet

dear Swami

a thousand times

through the wing of my song

These tainted hands

so unworthy unable

to reach your ground


I see

We all see

things so divine

You do 

for everyone around


One thing I know

as I hear these sounds

so profound…


The birds

The winds

The grass

The bumblebees

The smallest yellow flowers 

Even young Wolly & oldie Teju

At your first step they all

Bow Down.

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