My Lord, I do not know how I was directed towards you
But I know it isn’t a coincidence and it is for a reason, that am blessed to be among those fortunate few

I mysteriously landed up reading few lines of your memior
However I still had no idea about your existence nor did I know you would be my saviour

Yet again I found myself reading your blog posts, still unknown about you
Thereafter I waited everyday to read all the articles in the blog written by you

Finally there came a time I got my hands on your books, your memior particularly
That very moment I realised I had read few lines of it long back and I craved to read it someday, manifesting it subconsciously

I enjoyed every word in your books, that made me feel, God can certainly be realised
If we were steadfast in our devotion and dedication and allow Divine to be materialised

You taught us that the quest for self realisation is innate in all, you just have to tread the path with all your heart
Your life although was filled with extreme hardships in the journey of Self realisation, you endured it all, no matter what

Gurudeva please grant me the wish to seek your darshan atleast once in this lifetime
And I wish to behold that vision in my heart, to guide me through this darkness, like the Sunshine

Thank you Gurudeva for establishing hope in the heart of all aspirants, to crave for the Divine
Your very presence in this world is the inspiration for us to renounce, me myself and mine.

Sadhgurum tam Namami🙏