In the Vedic Vastu system, we have 45 different energies on Vastu Purusha which are given different names,  characteristics, and are symbolized as Gods and Demons. Let us examine the most important of all the Brahmasthan(BS), Centrepoint or the Naval.

Brief Description:
The centre portion of the constructed part is called the Brahmasthan. This is the nucleus or centre point. Life begins from this point. As per the Vedas (Indian scripture) creation began from a single point which is the centre or the midpoint of the Universe.
A plant always grows from the centre of the seed or the nucleus. Similarly, all creation, and thoughts grow from a particular point. This deep metaphysical energy gets manifested and spreads in the form of Dev, Manushya and Paisach Vidhi in the Vastu energy system. These are the radianting energy of the centre point spreading till the end of your plot which travels in a symmetrical pattern. For e.g. when we throw a stone in water the ripple effect spreads in a concentric circle, the nearest circle has the highest energy and the last one the lowest. (Ref pic)
In the modern world, we know various forms of energy as electrical, mechanical, potential and kinetic energy. Similarly in Vedic Vastu, we have different kinds of subtle energies. These are divided into 45 forms and each is called a cell or Padh Devta.
In the modern world, we understand pure energy as unmanifested energy which is nothing but Brahman energy. A foetus gets all the nourishment from the placenta in the womb similarly the whole house gets energy through the centre point, the Brahmasthan. It is important that this place is always energized so that the ripple effect always spread in concentric circles and is felt throughout the entire house.
The placing of positive generating material creates an ionization process which by way of giving negative ions creates a positive environment. 
Vedic Vastu believes in energizing the floor or the zone which does not require any demolition.
We find that all the Indian temples and forts have a clear space in BS.

This area must be open, spacious, and free from any column, beam or wall. It is perfect for a courtyard, common hall, conference hall or planning room, big functions, Special puja or offering, yajna or homas. It is best to place a tulsi/basil plant pedestal, a small temple, a living room, a water body like a fountain, garden in BS.

Signs of Defects

  1. We tend to take wrong decisions
  2. Progress of work slows down or comes to stagnancy.
  3. Failure of any form of planning.
  4. Problems in heart, naval, stomach or fatal diseases may incur as per Vedic shastras.
  5. Since BS is related to creation couples may face issues in childbearing.


  • Column, beam or wall, toilet, staircase, septic tank, dirty water or pipeline, dirty used utensils or dustbins, foot ware, store, unwanted items, heavy items, iron furniture, avoid black, grey, blue brown or dark tones.
  • Uneven or broken cracked floor.
  • It should be safe from theft, birds, and animal attacks.
  • It should be well-ventilated. As we know the hot air and carbon dioxide always rise up and if this area is kept open it is easy for the air to pass out and easy for life force energy to come in.
  • Ensure that there are no negative energy-producing things like bone, hair, husk, leather, old wooden piece or coal or iron ore deposit under the ground. 


  •  Kindly try to remove the defects. If not then energize the floor. Do Shilanyasa. (ref my book, Vastu Remedies)
  • Get yajna or homas, Vastu shanti pujas done at least once a year. Homa of white lotus, milk rice pudding, cow’s milk, ghee or honey, rice grain are best for BS.
  • Place positive energy-generating items (kalash/ Manjusha). Place a Manjusha (ref pic), it is perfect for apartment flooring.
  • Place amethyst crystal below the floor.
  • Sprinkle perfumed water made of sandalwood, rose water, saffron, and jasmine or can place a brass bowl with floating flowers.
  • Place a duck or a kamandal (bramha’s vessel).
  • Place a book, wooden havan stick, akshamala, and lotus starting from the east in a clockwise direction.
  • Burn ayurvedic camphor regularly. If done in the centre it swiftly passes around the home evenly.
  • Make a mandala and use more white or light tones here.
  • If work gets frozen or is unyielding, draw red colour swastika in kumkum or saffron at the centre of the house.
  • You can use Panchshirsha yantra, pictures of five animal.