Namaste to whole family.

It has been many days when I posted the last blog. Today I am just wanting to break this habit of inaction. A thing is true that I have nothing worth sharing with you except my poems. An other thing is also true that I don’t own these poems. These have just come through me.

Like the parents, who give birth to a child but they can’t own his life. His life is his only, mine is mine and yours is yours. Khalil Jibran, who was a famous preacher and writer, in his book ‘The Prophet’, mentioned a great thought: Your children are not your children.

In previous days when I posted nothing here, I read two books of modern times. One is a popular book of psychology and the second is related to spirituality and life.  I will try to summarize these books in the upcoming days, this month.

So, thanks to all of you for reading this post.

Aap sabhi kush rahen aur swasth rahen.

Edit: Itne saare ‘looking forward’ dekh ke आश्चर्य ho raha hai 😂

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