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By then I had already looked for Swami Ji on the web and discovered OSME. I could never complete ‘breathing techniques’. I felt the shortcoming gnawing at me. Out of desperation, I called out to Swami Ji, “How will I ever do this? What’s the solution?” Of course, no answer followed. By this time I was reading ‘The Book of Faith’ in which Navjot Gautam Ji mentioned that she fell sick after she didn’t stick to her weight loss regime. I was taken aback. Swami Ji wouldn’t do that😳. And then my mind answered back, how do you know He isn’t that powerful?🤯 I instantly regretted calling out to Swami Ji to help me with the breathing exercises. It is rightly said, know what you are asking from your God. He won’t do that to me! He is my Guruji!

Well, I was sick 🤒. I had just finished the series of my childhood after having forgiven my father. I thought he was here to take me. Oh Hanuman Ji, protect me! Was it COVID or a brain tumour? Omg, what’s happening. Just like Navjot Ji, I kept calling Swami Ji, but the pain didn’t subside. I thought maybe I am not calling with enough faith. Well, I was in terrible pain. I was crying. My body temperature was fluctuating so much, I thought I would die freezing or God knows.

The pain in my head kept going on for almost two weeks. After that, I felt weak, but I was breathing normally. No more waking up with a running or blocked nose.

Since last month, I feel better. The exhilarating confidence and feeling of breathing freely and fully, how can I explain this to you? Imagine taking a stroll in the valleys in the morning, the glorious sunrise, the beautiful chirping of the birds, the gentle breeze ruffling through your hair, carrying the earthy fragrance of the forest, the scintillating play of sunlight on the leaves and river, butterflies flowing with the current of the wind. This is how I felt when I felt the rush of oxygen going through me.

One silent prayer, one request, and you listened to me, Swami Ji. How much you care for your Shagirs is no secret to anyone. You appeared out of nowhere, carrying me away from despair. Drop by drop, the nectar of your wisdom is being absorbed by this humble servant of yours. Your knowledge knows no limits, you who have seen and played in the lap of the Divine Mother. You see through the soul of the seeker and granted me liberation from the mundane things. A constant complaining person becomes not so much, but a devotee at your feet. I am learning, your books are so profound that my life would extinguish but the amount of knowledge I absorbed from them would be but an iota. You breathed fresh oxygen into my lungs, This is a miracle allowed only to God. Are you God? Please guide me Swami JiJai Sri Hari!

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🌹Hari Om🌺