Since i have minnion and million kids on ,i want them to give me some riddle solutions, i could never get these solution myself but bright brains tell me why is Pateesaa ( like husband) a sweet? Does it has face of husband of eater or is as sweet as a husband or has its layes something like layersof patience as a husband!another question if tree is Ped( per) in hindi then y is Mathura s prasaad named Pedaa( pera) ..did they sit on tree and eat eat? Next question…if Kheer is pudding then y no where its relative Cucumber is Kheera? Another if ice is Barraf then y white square shaped sister of ladoo is Barfeee? Another one..if grand ma is Nani then y white flour praanthaa is Naan? Why no rose and no jambulina flavour and still its Gulab jamun? Why tick ( correct) and we eat both tikka and Tikki!Y wihout water( jal ) and without ( madhumakhee) the twists in Jalebee? Last but not the least y Poornimaa s aunty( maaasi) is fool moon night? If anyone can answer these riddles, kindly do! For english speakers kyaa Bauji roti khaatee hei yaa Bauji roti khata hei?Do add some more riddles in comments too!