Often I wonder


Why birds come back at the same place again and again while they can fly anywhere



Why we search freedom in our bondings and try to bond when we are free


Why we  need limits while we can be limitless


Why we feel joy in obligations and loneliness if there is none


Why we love to be understood by others while  we are mysterious for ourselves



Why we feed ourselves with thoughts while we can be empty


Perhaps we  all want a sense of belonging and acceptance of our beings


Real  freedom embraces us the moment we free  ourselves from the desire of getting validations


Real belonging is finding your belonging in your true self to reclaim the real you


Till then we are  caged  and come  back again and again


Shared here few thoughts which I wrote before one week  , but whenever I tried to submit this post ,  every time it showed this message  “ Post content should be a minimum of 150 words before publishing” and then I added few more  lines ,  after two  days again few more   , then few more  ….. so that it can get acceptance by this website.

On a lighter note, today when I am publishing this post , one weird thought is coming in my mind that even these  lines which are telling about the freedom , caged in the defined parameter of 150 words to get published on Swamiji’s website .

Don’t you find it ironical?