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The Second Noble Truth:

Cause of suffering;

Twelve Links- Wheel of life – Bhav chakra

Pratitya Samupada-  The Doctrine of Dependent Origination.

Buddha said everything has caused. Nothing comes out of Nothing.ex. nililo nihil fit. The existence of every event in our life depends upon its causes and condition. There must be something that brings our misery come into existence, Buddha said.

If a human were not born, he/she would not have been prone to miserable states. Suffering being a fact, it must have a must depend on some condition. “This is being, that arises. The cause is being present, the effect arises” is the cause of dependent origin. In Buddhism, it is called PRATITYA SAMUTPADA.

Here is a flow chart for understanding.

We can start from ignorance or from Jara Marana. it’s Cycle.  I could not create it in circle, my bad😄 . we take a birth and rebirth again and again. To understand easily I start with Suffering- Jara Maran as per arrow.

Bhav chakra
Sarang om 1

This is called the Wheel of life- Bhav chakra.

The doctrine of pratityasamutpada or Dependent Origination is the foundation of the teaching of the Buddha. It especially holds the second noble Truth of Cause of suffering.

The causal formula is ” This being, That arises”
Meaning Depending upon the cause, the effect arises. Hence every object of thought is necessarily relative. again I remember here words of Beloved Swamiji ” There is the price for Everything”. So as it is Relative, it is neither absolutely real nor absolutely unreal. All phenomenal things hang in between Reality and Nothingness, avoiding both extremes. Is like avidya or Maya from Vedanta. This is called the Buddha’s Doctrine of the Middle path. Madhyama pratipat. Which avoid both extremes.

Buddha identifies it with Bodhi. The enlightenment which dawned upon him under the shade of Tree 🌳 in Gaya. Buddha identifies it with Dharma, the law: ” He who sees the Doctrine of dependent Origine sees the Dharma and he who sees The Dharma sees The Doctrine of Dependent Origine ( Pratitya samupada).

Failure to grass it is the cause of Misery. Its knowledge leads to the cessation of misery. wonderful Doctrine leads to the cessation of plurality and to bliss.

Thank you for taking your precious time. I hope this helps you understand Buddhist Philosophy. Next will be a cessation of suffering The Third Truth. Till then live, Love, laugh and Give.   💓

Jai Sri Hari.