Some days back, I was watching a two hours long cartoon series. As it is about my favourite cartoon I was super excited to watch it. The cartoon was named as Little Singham and the cartoon series was named as Paap aur Punya Ka MahaSangram. In the story, once his friend bhagwan Krishna and little Singham was going to a Lok which was named as YakshLok. Bhagwan Krishna told him that the king and his kingdom is kind. They helped each other and they also helped nature, trees and saplings and animals. Which I thought that how nice it is even to take care of plants and animals also. Moving further in the story I saw that in YakshLok they were celebrating the festival of kindness. After sometime when they were celebrating festival of kindness very happily and joyfully. All of a sudden,
a big demon entered in the YakshLok who was named as Mahishasur. Mahishasur started making display of his false pride and making people feel bad and destroying and harming all. He started spreading badness in whole YakshLok. Bhagwan Krishna and Little Singham got worried of his conduct and thought to protect the kingdom. Therefore, they fought with Mahishasur bravely and defeated him and sent him to paatal lok to instill peace and happiness in the Kingdom. After it, everybody lived happily and started spreading. kindness in whole YakshLok.


Takeaway: I learnt that whenever badness emerges, it is always defeated by goodness. So, we should always follow the path of kindness and goodness and spread all around and pass it on, so that world will become a beautiful place to live.

Jai Sri Hari

Keep Smiling