We all change,

Every moment, every second,

From a fetus in the womb;

To the haggard old person.

Ready to take that plunge,

Into the next world;

A transition that is inevitable And not in our control.

Then what change are we talking about?

Thinking about?

Changing others?

Oh forget it!

Don’t even try it!

You’ll burn your fingers

I’m telling you so!

Change yourself?

It’s not easy my friend!

For habits die hard!

Yet a possibility that

You can give a try.

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the mucky pool within,

Wash, scrub, clean and screen,

The uniqueness that is there in you!

Become aware,take charge, Play the harp to your heart’s content.!

Tread on it like that

burning flame of love

That change happens

within and without!

Let that worth sparkle in your eyes,

That it sparkles the same in others eyes.

That smile on your face,

May it be infectious;

That others too smile,

That radiant smile,

Along with you!

That is the change,

I seek my friend,

A possibility that,

May be difficult,

But not