Fear of change is a human instinct. Embracing change is a superhuman ability.

Justin Kan


Be flexible; be adjustable; be open; be like water. Just now I remembered the most talked about interview of Bruce Lee, in which he said, “Be like water; when in a cup, it becomes a cup; when in a bottle, it becomes a bottle.” It is as simple as being the way the situation wants you to be, and you will succeed. Is it possible for all of us to be like water, full of ego, ifs and buts, and preconceived notions that we are right and know everything?

When was the last time you just stopped for a while and heard the person talking to you, and your answer would be always? But if we reframe it and say when was the last time you listened to a person, the answer would be the same as we don’t feel much difference between the two, though there is one and it will remain the same. It’s as if the person you’re listening to has no judgment, no questions, and no preconceived notions.It is all about you hearing that person with all your heart and not judging them. Now let’s answer the same question about how many times you listen to a person, and a majority of us will now decline the statement they made earlier. Though hearing someone and not making a judgement is something that is really tough, this can be done only when you are ready to make a change, not in the life of the other person but a big one in your own.

It is always tough for us to accept the change and the fact that life won’t be the same forever, and we have to walk with it if we want to make that life smooth for us.

  • The first change was to enter school.
  • The second change was to accept new friends.
  • The next step was to have a fight and make new friends.
  • the change of school or city for some.
  • The change of family for girls
  • The job change and
  • Then comes the change of life after marriage, with kids and all.
  • Accepting and working towards the reality of losing someone is the change.

Thus, to conclude, the change is tough, but whether we like it or not, we have to accept it and move on, as life won’t stop for us. So embrace the change and enjoy the journey.