Change, a world which have the capabilities to turn the world upside down. Change is being used for personal, professional, emotional and spiritual needs with time being a constant factor to drive it. We have often heard with time things get better; or time shall heal the wound and sometimes we just become indifferent.

(Therefore, when the person becomes indifferent, he/she need not change anything. Its simply not behaving in a way people desire you. You just remember the things. And take a step to improve your own self. I believe it to be a major stepping stone when we want to move ahead in spirituality. One should know his/her suffering, in terms to deal with them. Have a pure conscience toward our own development.)

We people tend to fear change (and I’m no exception to it) because it has the power to drive the things that we love dearly way from us. Everything gets hard. We tend to lose our regular routine (our daily habits). Hence, with a discomfort heart we try to resist the change. The change which has the potential of changing our persona. Often, we have heard people say “you have change a lot” or “nothing has change in you”. Be careful when people use these narrations to describe you. As they can only understand you; as per their depth of knowledge, nature, experience, thought process. It has nothing to do with you. You should be aware of your own waters.  It’s only the depth where the pressure is more and a home to treasure and knowledge. Maybe, that’s why we still don’t know what our oceans behold. But, we know what’s there in the free space.

Over here a question arises then how should we know about a person being wise while he/she is around you? this depends on our own wisdom which is being brought in, by the change. To differentiate how people, lie with their words. One of the tested proof experiment is to look in their eyes and you will know what they want to say out. It works. As I have been labeled with these narrations alot of time and most fresh  just happened yesterday. While I uploaded a picture of me (just a picture, a human has a lot to count, when we really want to say you have changed).

Bringing, in some change for my own self. I’m not talking about how people criticize. It will always be there; it should be there for a healthy development. It all about some people in a million who have known you from ages and just can’t engulf the thought of you bring so indifferent. It might be the halo effect that did not work from them. Which they created for you. what they see is a major part of your personality, not you asa whole being. However, it all about “I have not seen you like this before and bala…bala….!!!”

It’s not that, what I’m right now has something different. Or, something hidden, it was always there; it’s more amplified with time and conditions now.  

This is one of the regular example, to say that change does not happen from outside it always happens from inside. Change is very powerful and use the power of it very wisely. This can make you a whole new person or make you a nightmare which is hard to live.

Along with it let’s not forget the basic principles and the roots that make us who we truly are. Once the basic nature of an individual is change. It becomes hard to resonate with the individual. There will always be a difference between an aware person and a domestic person.

Change brings responsibilities, and a chance to do something different. Let just make it to be kind, more loving, more aware of who we are becoming.