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In continuation to my last post on Chanting and the scientific importance of the same. In the process of chanting, we use the middle finger (not any other finger) and thumb. One circle being of 108 repetitions and using different types of beads made of different materials and threads of different colors are used. The reason may be several and sometimes people say that the Index finger is not considered good for spiritual growth whereas for others it is not comfortable with, but the fact is that the Middle finger has the balancing power for both our physical and mental body and also helps us in improving our personality. Thus, it was emphasized to use the middle finger for chanting.

In this way, our ancestors again gave us the simple way of healthy living and once again tricked us by attaching these scientific steps to spiritual practices to make it easily acceptable. The same is done in the process of chanting. When connected with spirituality it is always said that one person should at least do one round of chanting per day. During the simple process of chanting, the individuals are supposed to go for pulling the beads on the tip of the middle finger using the tip of the thumb putting pressure on both the tips.

If we search and study acupressure, we come to know that the tip of the middle finger is for head ailments(as stress, sinus and calmness) and the tip of the thumb is for Brain and some scriptures even relate it to soul. If we are traveling on a spiritual journey, we know that we have to keep a balance in our mind as more strong the mind is the more strength we get for meditation. Chanting is a process of sitting straight keeping your spine straight and trying to visualize the deity that you are taking the name of at the Ajana Chakra in between the eyes.

But Secretly and carefully you are moving the beads to the record of your chants (this is what we think) in the process pressing the tips of the thumb and middle finger, Charging the Chakras, and make them strong and fit. The process is so rhythmic that we don’t even know that by simply following a few rules of chanting we are not only moving ahead in our spiritual Journey but also activating our chakras which transform us physically and mentally. The process becomes more profound when done with Rudraksha beads that it is the most effective due to its shape and texture, the ribs of rudraksh are more effective for acupressure.

So, are we tricked once again?

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