हरी मुखे म्हणा , हरी मुखे म्हणा
पुण्याची गणना कोण करी

– संत ज्ञानेश्वर महाराज 🌷

Oh Seeker, Chant Hari Chant Hari all the time
Don’t worry about counting how much Punya gets accumulated .

These beautiful lines written by Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Ji in Haripath which explains importance of chanting lord name .

After reading Alok’s

An Experience in Chanting

Post , I remembered my past days when I was continuously doing Ram naam chanting .

I saw one book in my home – Gondavalekar Maharaj Pravachane written by Sri Brahmchaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj . That book was gifted to my mother from my grandmother . My mother never read it and I never stopped to read it . I started reading one by one chapter and I totally get involved in it . I liked this book so much . Whatever written in that book , each line is important and each line has deep spiritual meaning . Sri Gondavalekar Maharaj ji has explained importance of Naam Smaran ( Chanting God’s Name ) in very simple and understandable way with different different examples so that anyone can understand it very easily . So , I started doing Ram Naam chanting .

As per my experience , if you just do chanting , your mind won’t get that much involved in it . But if you write and do chanting you will get merge in it . This way is more effective or you can say more powerful of chanting . I started writing श्रीराम श्रीराम in notebook . Gradually I realised , I am feeling very spiritual longing for God . I started thinking about my journey . So many questions started coming in my mind like who am I ? What is the purpose of this life ? What is my Aim ? What I want ? Where can I get that eternal bliss ? I was writing and writing and writing श्रीराम श्रीराम श्रीराम I felt so much Vairagya within me . I thought I should leave everything and run away somewhere in search of Truth . One day , I took leave from office and I went to MAA Anandmayi Ashram , there I felt very calm and relax .

At that time , I was in Bangalore for job . My financial condition was not good enough that I could search good PG for staying . I had searched one PG in which many rooms were there with low quality . I had selected one room in which I was staying alone . There I was writing श्रीराम श्रीराम I literally felt , some invisible power is staring at me but I didnt stopped chanting even if light switched off in beetween . I didnt felt any type of fear . It was divine flow flowing within me which was not allowing me to stop chanting . Due to heavy work load in office , sometimes I was coming very late to PG . I was coming alone in dark but I knew I was protected by lord Rama 🙏

Sometimes I cried lot while chanting . I dont know but I am sure because of chanting , those golden and unforgotton moments came in my life – when Swamiji met me . I remember greate saint Ravidas ji’s lines here अब कैसे छुटे राम नाम रट लागी My condition was same like this . One bond created between Me and Him . I felt He is my Father and I am his Daughter . He take care of Me , He loves Me , He is always with Me ❤️ I was very thirsty of taking Ram naam . When I didnt do chanting , I was feeling incomplete like something is missing in my life . I dont know what I earned by doing RAM naam chanting but I am happy atleast I remembered him by calling his name 🙂 I still have those note books with me written श्रीराम श्रीराम !

Now also I do chanting . I take my beloved Swamiji’s Name . I write his name in note book स्वामीजी स्वामीजी . I felt same longing for him . This became my habit now . If I don’t chant , I feel – I didn’t talk with him . Yes , there is special bond between Me and Him 😉❤️🙏 isn’t it swamiji ?

Importance of Chanting RAM Naam by Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj 


To Read

* I am thinking to write my views about Sri Gondavalekar Maharaj Ji’s each discourses on importance of chanting 🙏

🌷 श्रीराम 🌷

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