Beauty of life lies

Not in things big and grand

Lies deeply inside the

Sweet little moments

Of love and joy

Where it touches the heart of the person

In its pristine ways

As divine as love

The boundaries of mind

Shall shed it’s way

Giving way to divinity

To imbibe in its core

Emerging out of the depth of mind

Mellow it down

To fly high 

The summit waiting to be kissed

Beyond imagination

Feelings would be

Arriving new 

With renewed passion

Where only divine Will prevails 

It’s glory 

Shining with radiance of sun

Virtues speak wonders

Beauty restored

Walked eons before to merge

In ocean of beauty

Where life begins anew

So is the charm of life, we live

Each moment, we live anew

With Bhagwan in our heart 

Each moment I live I live for you 

In love In devotion.



Neelam Om 


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P.S. hope you enjoy little little poems of mine written with love.