In a few recent months I have encountered a lot of people with different grieves in there lives, but most of all the biggest grief of people’s lives is that there loved one’s leaves, the people they want to make stay doesn’t stay , with whom they be the most happiest , had their best time but circumstances change and these people leaves.
The end really similar in all of the cases we obviously tend we dislike, the person , the memories, the moments, And every pretty thing we did.
But what can we do really, this is life, people come and go,
To be honest, we know that at the end all we have is memories, so never betray the memories, life is all about those little moments, that we spend even if we don’t like that person at current moment that doesn’t mean we start to dislike the moments that we spent with the person in past, they are the evidence that are past life with those people are was so much fun.
We need to be that strong to dignify those movements, and cherish them with happiness. We need to have courage because we know that, a few people from our past life are not there, and if we think about the good memories it give us miseries, because we don’t own things any more .
This mania of owning things is the biggest human grief, we need everybody under our control, which is basically not practically possible, everyone cannot be according to you, they cannot leave or stay according to you.
This is my personal opinion that you should be strong enough to give up and move on,but also remember the sky that you painted with those people, even if the sky is blue today, all those neon colors should be there in your heart given a separate place called good memories

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