Hello Family!

Jai Sri Hari!

I hope you all are doing well in your life and all of you are doing justice to your journey…

Today is Sunday=Funday…

So what’s your plan for today?

You are asking fine?

Well its like all other Sundays although but in our hostel Sunday is special….

You got the hint…

Yes today in Lunch we have Chhole Bhature….

Favorite to all. Even those fitness freaks enjoys at least one Bhatura… Getting Cholle Bhature is a task in our hostel mess… There is a long queue… This queue is not lesser than that one we see in Shiv Mandir on Mondays of Savana. Getting your Lunch is not less than getting darshana of Shiva. Well it’s so divine to wait for your food. Annapurna Maa(Goddess of food) is reciting there, we have to do some sadhan to have her darshana… She is reciting in the form of energy in that food. So, if we have to wait then it’s completely fine because at the end we will get our food.

Beside this Chhole Bhature is a food dish which completes every function in North India… Don’t know where is its origin (maybe Punjab) but it’s the star dish of our North India. In this Lockdown we all faced so many things but Chhole Bhature from Mumma’s kitchen removes all worries for few minutes. The joyΒ  was all around the house.Β 

To bataiye kis kis ne kab khaye the last time Chhole Bhature?

Or kis kis ne Lockdown me pehli baar banaye the khud?

Tab tak mai apne Lunch ka intezar karta hu…Β 

Jai Sri Hari!

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