•                                                                                       My humble salutations at Master’s lotus feet.  I pray Mother Divine to always keep Him safe and fit in health  who day and night is only working for the welfare of us, and for the entire world.  Blessed to live with a living Incarnation… Isn’t it a miracle!  Today I would like to share a story about a movie called  Capernaum which means Chaos.  The movie is directed by Nadine Labaki  and it is a Lebanese  movie. The story takes its major content from the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon through the eyes of a young Syrian boy who is 12 years old  living in Beirut slum. So it goes like this… The parents have many children including Zain.  Zain does all the hard work instead of going to school. His energy, his smile his innocence ..all are washed away in some distant pathetic rhyme which no one sings. Among all the siblings , Zain is particularly more protective towards Sahar, one of his many sisters. . Life got worse when the parents forcibly put Sahar’s hand with a middle aged old man to get rid of her.  You can say child marriage. Zain tries hard to retaliate but in  vain. Then the plot becomes more complicated when he left home and tries to find solace in the outside world . I am intentionally keeping some sub plots  and not writing here because I really wish you all to watch the movie which is on Amazon Prime. What happens next?  Does  Zain win ? What happens to his parents?  What happens to Sahar? I think every parent should watch this movie. The bonding of brother and sister just blew my mind. I realized Life is is difficult  for people out there. From food , living  to safety ..everything is so difficult to get. I feel what are the faults of the children and why  some parents take them for granted. I am praying to God to eradicate hunger, poverty, war from this earth. 

                                                                                                      All these chaos, all these puzzle all of it can not be leela of God. There must be some kind of logic behind these suffering and pain. We humans created it and it is our responsibility to end this. A God will not tell to torture the innocent, a God will not tell a parent to give their daughter’s hand to a man  when the daughter will just start her period.. What kind of mindset is this? I feel religious ideas should change. It should be changed for the betterment of humanity.. Snatching a child’s innocence is a heinous crime.  Poverty, war ..it is all due to our mindset.  I wish someday there will be no pain  and no suffering. ..Today Russia is trying to control Ukraine  ..Innocent people are dying. Like Swami ji said…  we always want to control things..  we always  want power over the others…Let us all wish and pray for peace.

                                                                                                   Lastly I request all of you to see the movie and take the beautiful message. I am proud of the Director Nadine Labaki  who presented this awesome movie to the entire world to watch.  The movie was in nomination for Oscar. As a woman director Nadine is one of the few maker in the world. 

                                                                                       The second image is taken from the movie . The protagonist Zain is sitting with another Ethiopian  kid. The first image is taken from google.. It was clicked in one of the Indian slum…