One of my acquaintances had a difficult life. She experienced problems with her father when she was a teenager, and he subsequently left her and her mother alone. She grew up into a beautiful damsel, married the love of her life, but eventually, they were divorced. She’s bitter since she’s been through so much in her life. She causes problems for others, is envious of others, and attempts to injure and hurt others because she has been wronged. People gradually come to terms with her personality. Some of them form grudges against her, while others become sympathetic. This time, she went to extremes when she spoke so negatively about her co-worker that her co-worker’s career was jeopardized. However, she was saved as a result of her hard work and good intent.

I understand that she’s been wronged but this type of behavior is inexcusable. Who gives us the right to hurt others because we have been hurt ourselves? To be honest, we all have been hurt in some way. Does this imply that everyone who has been mistreated should become bitter and hurtful? No way! We have the option of being bitter or better at any point in time. Moreover, life is too short to have a victim mentality.