A few moments ago I was browsing the web about how to trim down a bob haircut. Then it occurred to me that I should write a post myself. Across the years, I have constantly transitioned from short hair to longer hair (no more than mid-length) and back to short hair. I must have repeated this cycle at least 4 times or more and each time, I experimented with new ways to grow it out. 

Without any further ado, let me share some tips with you. If you’ve always wanted to try out short hair, or pixie cuts seem cool, here are a few things you need to know before going for the big chop and while growing it out too (because trust me, you’ll go through extreme emotions during this journey). 

1. Think about it first.
If you want to try out a short haircut, don’t make this decision overnight. Sit on the idea for a couple of weeks before heading to the hairdresser.


2. Ask yourself why you want to cut your hair.
If it’s just for aesthetic reasons, try to consult a hairdresser first. They’ll be able to advise you with regards to the best haircut to suit your facial features and face shape. Or if you just want to experiment, go for it! Life is too short and hair grows back!


So, you went for the chop after all! Now what?


3. There are chances that you may not like the way your new haircut looks after you come back home. But don’t worry! There’s hope!
All those photographs of celebrities sporting short hair only look smashing because of hair products. Take it easy, wash your hair and start experimenting with different types of hair styling products. Gums and gels are great for taming your hair, and sprays give you a good hold while adding some volume. But don’t overdo it.
Secret tip: If you wash your hair at night and sleep on it, you might get an awesome look the next morning, and you can sleep 15 minutes extra too. Try it.


4. Now that you found very own style. You’ll still wish your hair would grow faster.
That’s a phase I am all too familiar with and maybe those with short hair can relate. Sometimes it’s easier to hide behind long hair, it’s like a safety net.


5. You’ll decide to grow it out.
Yep, after each chop, I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out. And I did. Only to chop it off again a year later. But hey, it’s fun.


6. Patience will become your second nature.
Growing out your hair requires immense patience and self-acceptance. In the past, I’d just use headbands and accessories and avoid getting trims. It worked out pretty well, or so I thought… until I now look back at my past photographs and realise how horrible my hair looked! Hence, my golden piece of advice for you is: Get regular nape trims and make sure you’re keeping the mullet look at bay. It isn’t counterproductive at all.


7. Allow the hair on top of your head to grow and keep trimming the hair at your neckline.
It’s all about decluttering – your life, your hair and your mind! Why? Life is too short to allow your hair, your baggage and other people to annoy the heck out of you. Do what’s necessary. Always.


8. You’ll have bad hair days … often.
It’s okay! When this happens, I just jump into the shower and wash my hair ASAP. It then feels like nothing ever happened. It’s all about being aware of your emotions, right?


9. Turtleneck t-shirts and jumpers as well as collars will look great with your short hair. Try them and keep your sanity intact.
That’s how it works for me! Peace of mind is one of my principles and I do whatever it takes to be at peace, even if it sounds boring.


10. You’ll promise to never chop your hair that short ever again.
But then you’ll go ahead and do just that. Patterns I tell ya! They are real. We have to learn from our actions and identify those tendencies, otherwise it’s a never ending circle. No matter what though, don’t go for the asymmetrical look because the pain of growing it out will be twice as much. 


I think this post might have successfully put you off from having a pixie haircut. But that wasn’t the intention! If you have that desire within you, go for it, because when you realise that you can detach yourself from your hair, a sense of liberation will overwhelm you. But only if you want to. This was a light and fun post, if you are a guy, and reached till this point, then please comment, and tell me why in the world you read this entire post! It beats me! Just kidding:)