Today I will tell you what I learned. One of my college senior came to my house with her father, to see us, as our fathers are good friends. She asked me about the subjects I took this semester. I said environment, she asked me why not gender? As it was the most desired and sought after subjects by the majority, and how great the professors who taught them were and she assumed I chose it because we get marks easily in it. ( believe me, in LSR nobody gets marks easily in anything ) This made me second guess my decision to choose environment. After she left my entire day went panicking thinking maybe she was right I did choose the wrong subject, after all, it is about my career, and she a senior she might know better.

I was roaming like a headless chicken looking anxiously for my head, when a thought strikes me, but don’t I have the free will to chose whichever subject I wanted to study? also isnt environment I cared more about and I had a personal interest in it? And it changed my entire perspective. You see this is a very small incident I am stating but it’s applicable to every part of our lives.

I believe there is no need to chose what everybody else is choosing. we should stay with that which benefits us, and that which we want and think is right. And this requires me to built a shield to keep myself protected from others’ opinions because society doesn’t like different, they will want to fit you in, if you don’t they will label you, or make you feel bad about your decision.

I wonder sometimes, is that which is chosen by the majority in today’s era making our society a better place to live in? Is it making our lives better, us happier and feel good about ourselves? We shall make our own way, and walk it, and face the consequences and learn from it, if succeeded great, if not, It will help those who are behind us with the lessons we learned, we could help them by sharing our experience and lessons. but never let anybody’s opinion about our choice make us feel bad because you see they are very sometimes swallowed and too rigid in their thoughts, even my friend didn’t consider for a second that maybe it is my interest that made me choose it? rather than just taking it because it’s easier to score marks. also, I promised myself to never be so quick to judge anybody’s decisions, and them, and provide my own unnecessary opinions about it.

God gave us this blessed life, to experience it our way with our values and perspective, I won’t let anybody’s opinion get to define my ways and I won’t do that to them too.

In the end, did what the majority chose made them more compassionate and loving towards each other? haha

“chosen by the majority’- today I learned to chose my way over the majorities.

PS- happy daughter’s day to all the women out there. we are all divine mothers laado ( baby doll) after all. Also now i shall keep this aside and study after all i have an assignment to submit on environment.

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