Ball pen clicking and licking are graduating from pencil chewing. The tone,timber and pleasure of clicking a pen tick ,tick ,tick can give the restless brain an immense pleasure and comfort similar to what a child gets while sucking his thumb! But to the listener it can be as irritating as to pull the pen from clicker ,unscrew it and throw away the refill! During exam ,company meetings, boring history class or fruitless relative discussions ,pen clicking excercise is a concious or subconscious refuge to give mind some autistic stimulation.Nervousness ,fidgeting,stress ,anger,irritation or making some one irritated trigger Pen clicking. Where as Day dreamers are best performers of pen clicking ,there is a set of prople who have Misophonia syndrome.,..there teeth clench and click with this unbearable repeated sound of pen clicking! Somewhere their brain feels some one hammering their brains constantly and untollerably! R u a pen clicker irritant or a pen clicker s irritated victim?

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