As I progress on this spiritual path, I am getting the glimpse of deep connection between music and divine as if two are inseparable, music explores the  uncharted territory where  normal words fail to connect to him. The poetry comes from a heart where there is nothing more left to ask him except being one with him. He is the one who writes the poetry and  he is the same one who wants to listen. Since Anitosh Goswamiji ( community member) has asked for an Aarti Bhajan, this bhajan is an ardent prayer to Devi to help us all attain the Supreme and be one with him.

English Translation :

O Mother of the Universe,

Colour me the love of Divine;

My Beloved, the lord of highest knowledge,

is dark coloured one who absorbs all good and bad

in him, and remains established in his own glory;

So, take away this white colour of mine,

What use is this mode of goodness if 

I am still critical of others and reflect that?

O Mother of the Universe, I want to be dark coloured too…

My Beloved, the support of all, who undertakes resolve,

is yellow coloured one that signifies the colour of fire -🔥,

the power of purification;

So, let me put all my strength and vigour to purify my inner instrument,

so that I can also be adorned in yellow like him;

O Mother of the Universe, I want to be adorned in yellow colour, too…

My Beloved, the all attractive, who is the only attraction in the universe,

plays his flute for his sport;

So, let my mind be emptied and I can be his flute to play 

whatever he likes;

O Mother of the Universe, I want to be his flute and be one with him…

Jai Shree Hari!