Colors are vibrantly enhances our mood and life in very subtle ways. Many of us love to play with the colors and choose vibrant colors to wear, to paint our homes and paint our inner life. Colors do have deeper meaning and reflects the personality our being. Some love darker, some lighter, some patels and so on. Colors are loved all across the globe. Chioce of colors also represents our mood for the day, even the choice of colors while painting highlights the mindset of the painter behind choosing it.

Thought of sharing what colors represent and how they enhances and impact our life.
Here’s the list of colors, enjoy the rainbow:

Oh Red, you are represents energy. The color of the blood is the red and you creates maximum vibrance. Red is the color of passion, primal power and family ties.

Here goes Blue, it is color of vastness. Anything vast is blue like ocean and sky, it is always represented in blue. Blue symbolizes calmness, faith, sincerity and imagination.

Orange symbolizes joy, sunshine, happiness, creativity and determination. It is the color of fire, it burns the impurities in the soul and lead to enlightenment. Therefore, monks adorn orchre robes, by burning away the impurities they are moving towards enlightenment or God.

Black is the color of absorption. It absorbs all that is in surrounding. Therefore, it is emphasized that when you wear black, make sure surrounding around you are pure. Because then you will absorb goodness. It is symbol of mystery, power, seriousness and strength.

Pink is the soothing color and it represents youth, good health and universal love. It is also associated with romance and friendships.

Yellow is the color of freshness, happiness, creativity, clarity, optimism, honor, loyalty. It is associated with pleasant things in life.

White is the color peace, purity and angelic releams. It connects us with good when we pure inside and Bhagwan ke rang mein dhal jaate hai.

Purple stands for spirituality, benevolence, enlightenment and psychic power. It also represents nobility, royalty and power and ambition.

So, colors impact our being so deeply and color beautifully create an aura around us. Which all absorb into our being.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

P.S. Thank you os.me family for reading and encouraging me.