O beautiful Lord Hari
what to make of your smiling face
You stand so tall
all dark and valiant
forever the emperor…

For a moment there you felt
like a stranger
a kind God, a distant one
a sea of devotees
and you their silent master

I still don’t know
what’s amiss
perhaps it’s the tears I miss
they came rushing
but never really fell

A little incomplete I feel
tomorrow I must have my fill
as the rosary beads turn
and I kneel by your feet
You must appear to me

Reassure me
as you always do
for until then
your perfect world
will mean little to me

It’s your divine feet I serve
two beautiful lotuses
as if sprung from the earth
O Lord of stone
You can’t be stone for me now

If I’m to survive
You must throw me crumbs
you’ve to be real
alive for my sake
you’ve to O Lord…honour this prayer 🙏 🙏