This is the biggest gift of Wakefulness – a realization that we are responsible for creating our own realities, EVERY DAY!

Most of us choose to lead a very mechanical life. We blindly follow the crowd, the trends, and the ideals set by the society. We unconsciously tend to follow the rat race and create false beliefs, ideas, and goals in life, assuming that this will lead to happiness in life. But are we content with our life? 

There is a huge knowing and doing gap among us. Knowing brings clarity and creates possibilities to understand ourselves better. And better knowing leads to better doing. Wakefulness can bridge this gap between knowing and doing and thereby not only create a more wakeful individual but a more wakeful society (One spark starts a fire). It is only when a truly awaken master comes and jolts us from within that we realize that we are just awake, though not truly wakeful. 

” Wakefulness is the only saintliness there is, and sleepiness and unconsciousness, is the only sin there is; all other sins are born out of it. Cut the root, cut the very root! Don’t go on pruning the leaves.” (End it for one and all!). 

There should be a  deeper understanding of self, better focus, and increased business wisdom.

Our mind usually tends to create fixed patterns and habits. This leads to limited thinking due to which we can’t think beyond our comfort zone. When we are more wakeful, we can connect to our inner self. A self that is the source of infinite possibilities and unlimited thinking. During this wakeful state, We can pinpoint the exact problem areas, question why it’s happening, and are able to find the solutions. 

An easy way to inculcate this in our daily routine is by starting to practice wakefulness as a problem-solving technique. Every morning, we should sit in our room for an hour and deal with the most important problem we faced the day before. We should try to resolve that problem by being our own for an hour and thereafter we will have our head and mind clear and will be ready to go. 

Due to this, we will be able to start thinking originally, individually, and creatively with a fresh and new perspective. When the ideas are not prejudiced and conditioned according to the way of thinking of the masses, we will come up with more original, creative, and out-of-the-box ideas and visions. This makes the leaders and the icons unique and stand out of the crowd.

Let’s break the boundaries and create something beautiful!

I am going to start this practice from tomorrow. Maybe not for an hour, but definitely for 15 minutes. Are you people with me? 

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