9th December is our marriage anniversary and we usually spend it by eating dinner at others marriages….lucky that every year we get an invitation always for that date either from Senior friends for their kids marriages,or office staff s brother or sister s receptions or some court coleague s child s b.day or neighbors ring ceremonies and if not anyone then wise and health conscious husband reminds arre we went on 6th December to Chunna maama s grandson s b.day party, that s pre celebration so relax or also 11th December is your best friend whos in London s B.day, We ll call her and visit my sister s place She too has a co inciding b.day and that would be belated anniversary celebration! So pre covid year 2019 was our special 20th anniversary and i prayed to God to marry some one we know s nephew ,neice or chacha ,mama on same day so that we get invited….and yes we Got a big blue platter shaped card with brownies, almonds and choclated coated raisins of my Gym friends daughter at City palace hotel Gurgao! So on the auspicious traffic road filled day when Delhi had 10,000 marriages in one day, our whole family dressed up in no less than Duke Edenton and lady Montana s attire with crown prince and dutchess accompanying us for a Shahi paneer ,mughlai gobhi ,Manchurian and Cheerio buffet at Harsh with Nilanjana wedding! So as we entered the venue there were 3 marriages at same place…to confirm correct marriage entered my lawyer husband asked where is kapoor Vs Chopra marriage…i corrected sweetly smiling at guard …he means Kapoor with Chopra marriage! I almost made my elbow hit his flat stomach to correct him…Vs is used in criminal cases boss! So the guard directed us to the third floor which all 4 of us reached within jiffy staring at our artificial lubricated forms in lift mirror! As the 3 hours road travel of 16km journey of jam packed ring road had made dinosaur thump our stomachs we gobbled on the snacks being served the first thing ,least bothered to give the Shagun money to hosts or check ceremonies of bride and bride groom so we started with Panneer Cigars to Aloo lababdaar,from Mushroom puffs to corn samosaas ,from moong daal cheela to mattar kulche ,from mid night beauty mock tail to Choclate ice cream float ,from 5 water panipoori of hing ,jeera ,sonth amchoor and anar daana too pizza pockets! After Regaining some physical and mental strength now i needed to take a break for having dinner so thought of searching my other co gym mates .Ofcourse on most marriage occasions my husband and kids come out of venue and chewing Supari ,on way back ask me ,were we from girl s side or boys? So they were busy in eating and using their watts app engrossed in background music of Daler mehendees song”” Sade dil te chhuriya chalaiya” least interested to meet any one! When i was unable to find any familiar faces suddenly i saw Mr Sinha enjoying paav bhaji in banana leaf shaped plastic plate and smiling at me! Mr Sinha was my daughter s big bellied physics tutour with Paan chabaaing habit….” Hello ,Viveka ki mummy..app yaha kiski taraf se aaee hei larke waalo yaa larki waalo? ” he asked be in his Bhojpuri accent! Nilanjana s mother is my Gym mate i told shying that his eyes will start measuring my reduced tummy and butt size! At this he yawned casually and said this is a ring ceremony function of Suvarna and Battuk naath! Now in my mind the police syron music started playing ,in our hunger ,hurry and so many marriages receptions and ring ceremonies at same banquet though we were on the same floor as directed by the guard but we were in hall no.3 without reading where we were entering! Our venue was hall no.2..
We were innocent gate crashers ! Has such thing ever happened with you too Swamily?