All of us work on different levels of commitment – to different things.

Of course each of us does pretty much the same things everyday – committed to brushing teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast and starting work etc – most of us have this routine and stick to it most days. That is our commitment to ourselves. The problem comes when there is a shake up of the status quo of any kind, and we are expected to make a change in our lifestyle for whatever reason. It could be personal health, having a baby, starting a new job, crisis at work or family – and then the whole routine falls apart – but we still remain committed to brushing our teeth, taking a shower etc … while other commitments such as exercise, eating healthy food etc get thrown by the wayside.

What should our commitment actually be towards and how do we build it up to keep at it irrespective of the storms that shake up our life. My opinion – and of course it’s built on Swamiji’s teachings entirely – is that – one should prioritise.

If you ask me what my priorities are – my physical and mental health and happiness – and working on the spiritual quest – are the most important to me.

The next question to ask is – what am I doing towards that – I work out most days, joined a nice dancing session online (Figure 8 fitness) that is fun and burns calories. I watch documentaries and series that are refreshing, positive and thought stimulating (for a certain type of happiness. Eating tasty food also gives another type of happiness). I meditate almost everyday. And spend a limited time with my 9 member family (I can only tolerate complaints and love so much 🤪).

(My work – that gives so much meaning and purpose to my life – is on hold for the time being because of the Covid situation. However, I have learnt to tell myself that Covid won’t last long, and we’ll be on our original track soon enough).

We don’t stop brushing taking our bath or eating no matter what shakes us up. So how do we give up so fast on things like exercise and meditation ? Its because we feel they are optional. How to make the optional compulsory. The easiest thing to do, to keep up our commitment – and again this is my learning from Swamiji – is to commit small in the beginning. 5 mins of exercise or 5 mins of meditation or 5 mins of reading – you get the drift. If we tell ourselves on January 1st that we are going to work out for 1 hour everyday, most likely we will give up in 1 week. However, if we start small, even 5 mins a day is 30 hours in a year. It all adds up.

Prioritise. Commit Small. Commit to being committed !

My question for you is – what are you committed to. And what are you doing about it. Please do add your thoughts !