On this planet Earth we live,we have many things around and within us,let’s say you are a whole saler of medicines and your shop is in the middle of the market and it is running late at the night and you are about to leave , suddenly one customer comes and you don’t have time to give him medicines and he says that someone at home needs them urgently now you have two things in mind yourself and the someone who is sick ,first of all you should feel happy that you are not sick today and then give some time of yours to the customer and feel happy that your medicines will put a smile on someone’s face This is Completely compassion.

Now what has happened is you also got medicines for your heart❤️,like that you can practice compassion anywhere at your home,with fellow human beings,animals ,nature and so on,this ultimately treats you indirectly and you will always have a habit of understanding other and your behavior will change with people around you as well as with yourself also. Noone can teach you compassion you have to fill your heart with it and make others like that when you feel a sense of duty.