We humans have one amazing tendency. If someone does anything wrong we immediately start judging him/her. But if we do the same thing, we try to explain several reasons to justify that act. A similar thing happens with complaining. We all know those people who have the habit of complaining. These are negative discontents who always wrap themselves in layers of victimhood. But the fact is, most people have this habit( including me). 

So, I thought to adapt a mindful practice called the complaint diet, initially three days in a week, then an entire week, and then for a month. I think I will continue until this habit gets assimilated into my system.

Why we complain?

When things do not happen the way we want, we feel anger and frustration, and this helplessness I vented out in the form of complaints. An overwhelming fear of lacking control starts irritating us.

How do I Practice?

This is an incredible practice to remain mindful about not complaining. Because if we simply try to stop this complaining habit, then we will miss the mindfulness in the process, which is the whole purpose i.e. to make it seem like meditation. While practicing, whenever I forget about this and complain like, why does it always rain in Delhi, or why is it like this or that, then immediately I realizeā€¦. oh I am on the complaint diet today. I mentally take a note of how many times I have broken my mindfulness? Because my aim is to reduce this frequency of complaining and to see the root emotion underlying this complaint. By practicing this, I feel more aware with a better sense of control over myself and I find it a great way to see positivity around me.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels