ॐ पूर्णमद:।पूर्णमिदम्।
पूर्णात् पूर्णम् उदच्यते।
पूर्णस्य पूर्णम् आदाय
पूर्णम् एव अवशिष्यते।

अदस् (That) and “इदम् (This).

(That) Unmanifested Brahman who is always purnam/परिपूर्ण/  complete.
(This) The manifested universe is taken as complete/ purnam.
The manifested universe (which is complete/purnam)  emerged from the Unmanifested Brahman( which is complete/Purnam)
Even if complete manifested universe comes out of That complete Unmanifested Brahman, what remains is the complete Unmanifested Brahman, which is always purnam.
(When universe submerges inside the Brahman again, what remains is again the unmanifested Brahman which is always purnam.)
“If from the complete, the complete is taken out the complete still remains”.
Let’s simplify this concept with a very crude example  of rope & snake analogy. ( In the twilight, a rope is mistaken as a snake. When light comes, snake disappears and rope is seen as a rope)
Rope is complete. ( In the clear light, rope is seen as a rope only. No part of it is mistaken as other thing. That’s why taken as complete)
In the twilight, rope appears as a snake. Which is complete ( No part of it is mistaken as other thing. Otherwise why the person would shout with fear? That’s why taken as a complete poisonous and scary snake)
Rope is complete, snake is complete.
Where does the snake come from? From the rope.
Complete snake from complete rope.
But what happened to the rope? nothing..
In that period of time when the person was seeing and getting frightened with the snake,  rope was complete.
When snake disappears in the light, what remains  is the complete rope.
In fact, the snake neither comes nor goes….. The rope is at it is ( complete)
It is just the superimposition of a snake over the rope.

Brahman is the complete (purnam). The world is just the appearance which is taken as complete. Even if we are enjoying in this world, the substrarum/ the Brahman is as It is,  purnam. World is just the superimposition over the Brahman. It ( world) emerges, stays, and get dissolved…. But the Brahman is at It is….Non dual Truth….complete.