Today on the sacred day of Akshaya Tritiya, I wish to write a few words of glory on the aspect of the Divine Goddess as Mahalaxmi. The intent here is not to comprehend the reality as to how can, a mere mortal can even dare to comprehend the Absolute. Treat the below post as a humble attempt of a child trying to reach her mother by contemplating her. I invoke my great master, our beloved Swamiji so that he guides me to write a few words of glory for Divine mother. If the post is able to fill you with some devotion and helps you connect with maa, consider that as a grace of Swamiji, any mistakes or errors belong to me.

Goddess Mahalaxmi:

The word ” Laxmi” comes from the root “Lakshya”, “ma” and “ee” ” Lakshya” means the goal or what is to be attained, “m” represents the spiritual energy that represents ” disintegration, and transformation” and “ee” represents the latent feminine energy that resides within all.  So, The meaning of “Laxmi” is the latent energy within each one of us that when invoked disintegrates and transforms all our individual goals and align them with the cosmic will. As one meditates upon the Divine Goddess in Mahalaxmi form, she as if takes the desires hidden in your heart, disintegrates them, filters them, and then transforms them so that they are aligned with the cosmic will. This brings harmony to the inner and outer world of the seeker and fills the seeker with bliss and joy. 

The question is how to connect with the Supreme Goddess who can transform our individual desires with the cosmic will so that one experiences harmony, bliss, peace, and prosperity. Sages gave us this great secret in the form of the visual image of  Mahalaxmi and the hand symbols of the Divine Goddess. Divine Mother in the form of Mahalaxmi is seated on Lotus and holds lotuses in her two hands. Her third hand is in “Varada Mudra” and her fourth hand is in ” Abhaya Mudra”.

Deity: Mahalaxmi

Manifested Reality: Blissful movement of consciousness manifested as prosperity, protection, peace, beauty, and harmony. As one’s individual consciousness gets aligned with the cosmic will, the glory of the Supreme is manifested in the life of a seeker in the form of these four aspects.

Methods to connect:

Varada Mudra:

The first hand of Divine Mother is in the gesture of giving known as varada mudra. This shows the importance of “giving, serving” to the universe if one wants to connect with the Divine Goddess. Random Acts of Kindness is the first means to connect with the mother in the form of Mahalaxmi. Open up your heart and start giving something to society. Give your time, money, knowledge, sweet words, prayers, and anything that you could afford to give. “Give and you shall receive”. A seeker who walks the path of RAK will surely meet the Divine Goddess in the form of prosperity. As Swamiji says, Nature returns multi-fold than what you offer to the universe. Meditate on Maa in varada mudra and inculcate the practice of RAKs in your daily lives to experience her presence as prosperity.

Abhaya Mudra:

The second hand of the Divine Mother is in the gesture of fearless known as Abhaya mudra. One can connect with the Divine Goddess by simply surrendering your fears to her and taking refuge in her name of the form. So, Taking Refuge is the second means to connect with the mother in the form of Mahalaxmi. Come to her and tell all your fears to her like a child open up to her mother. Be honest with her, admit your faults, do not see others’ fault, ignore them, and tell Maa, ” I am the lowliest of all”,” The weakest one who can’t walk without your support”, ” I am fearful Maa”. A seeker who approaches the divine Goddess with humility and devotion in the heart will surely meet the Divine Goddess in the form of Divine Protection that results in courage and fearlessness. Such a seeker will soon experience the Divine protection of the Divine Mother and becomes fearless despite all the fears.


Lotus is a special flower that grows in the muddled water yet remains pristine and pure. Lotus is symbolic of “Purity” in Vedic times. Divine Mother is holding two lotuses and is seated in the Lotus. This shows the importance of purity one needs to inculcate in the heart if one wants to connect with the Divine Goddess. Self-Purification is the third means to connect with the Divine Goddess in the form of Mahalaxmi. A seeker who walks the path of self-purification will surely meet Maa in the form of peace.  As one puts effort to cleanse the heart of impurities on a daily basis and prepare their heart as an asana for Divine Mother, she does come and resides in the heart of such seeker in full glory. Such a seeker experiences divine peace and radiates the same too. The very presence of such a seeker can purify others’ hearts too.

Another peculiar feature of Lotus is that it closes in the night and opens up in the morning. This everyday opening of the flower represents Spiritual Awakening as well the opening of the sacred energy points. So, Meditation or Mantra Sadhana is the fourth means to connect with the Divine Mahalaxmi. “Shreem” is one of her sacred seed syllables and a seeker could approach her by meditating on the sacred sound. A seeker who walks the path of self-purification will surely meet Maa in the form of beauty and harmony. Inner and Outer harmony is the unmistakable sign of an awakened being. Such a seeker experience perfect harmony within and without with cosmos. The world here and now becomes beautiful for such a seeker. A seeker experiences beauty in everything and in everyone as Mother opens her sacred energy points and expands her consciousness.

Let’s meditate on her Divine form and four aspects. Let’s connect with Maa using either of the methods or all of them. May Maa reach each of her children in her full and pristine glory. I would also like to share a small stuti that I wrote for Maa in the morning and my spiritual brother Akshay Om added a beautiful image of Sri Laxmi Narayana and uploaded it on Youtube. Many Thanks to You Akshay Bhai.

🌼🌼🌼Aum Devi Mahalaxmi Namah🌼🌼🌼

🌼🌼🌼All Glories to Swamiji Alone 🌼🌼🌼

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