Blog – Consequence of humility in life

Humility means generosity , what we give to others return back , it pays in life , I got an opportunity to share with you

A old couple of US National trapped in windy environment and natural calamity in some country where they had visited on travel , it was the dark night and heavily raining , both did not find shelter anywhere to spend the night , they have knocked the door of many homes nearby no one had a courtesy to open th door .They tried Hotels but even no rooms were available . In the last they found a hotel and contacted the manger at reception and made request for a room but even no room was vacant there but the manger has a courtesy to offer his room to the old couple in hotel and he himself slept on chair throughout night ,

When next day the couple checked out , they thanked him and boarded their flight to California , USA and from their country , they couriered a key of their hotel of 500 beds located in Los Angel to manger in turn of his extended humility to them , because they have no children to handle the hotel , The manger become the owner of that hotel , that is the called HUMILITY , 

Om Shivay 

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