A simple life of contentment

and beauty…

The smile on your face

the shine in your eyes

as You stand amidst devotees

on the night of a full moon

bathed in fragrant unguents

oh water like pearls trickles

and drips

from your dark form

and like dirt to water

I run unto You

O Mother of three worlds

please take your child in

not battered as I once was

your grace has made me whole

On one hand, the joys of the world

on the other is You


and safe…just for a moment the world stops.

Here alone is peace

here is contentment never found

any place else.

Let me in Mother

let me in on that tranquil state

of consciousness that flows

from your holy feet

to the bowed head of a devotee.

O Divine Mother

You are so beautiful

it breaks my heart

it aches

to be a part of You…


On this beautiful eve of Poornima, during SriHari’s Abhishekam, the verses of the sacred Lalita Sahasranama ringing in my ears in the steady and stilling voice of Br. Prabhu Om, this poem gushed forth in the garbhgruha gazing at Maa’s dark and wet form.