On my journey of seeking the truth, I realize that it is dealing with contradictions that we need to understand.

Each of us have a unique experience of life. The contradictions that I face in life is not the same as yours and it is our own unique contractions that we have to pay attention to. The secret is to look at our own sufferings and pain. What is stopping us will reveal knowledge that we need to learn.

For those of us who are seeking experience of God – God does not reveal.

For those of us who are seeking kind words or gestures from our loved ones – child or partner or boss and it never comes.

For those of us who seek contentment in achieving victory – we find the victory but no contentment.

Millions of Story’s out there about do this and that will happen but it never happens for me.

And the truth in form of the greatest contradiction of life is that “Seek BUT you will never get it and yet never stop seeking”.

Set a goal and chase it but you will never reach it and yet you must keep chasing it harder then ever before.

Every attempt that fails must contribute to increasing your drive to giving it yet another shot and knowing that you will fail it yet again.

Help someone and knowing that you will not get any gift in return.

Why all these ?

Since it is NOT about achieving a result or a goal. It never was and it never will be … YET you must still set a goal and chase it. Achieve it and chase another goal … Never stop.

Till you are left with only the pure observer who was never involved in any of the setting or the pursuit of the goal. The observer remembers all the experience of the goal setting, its pursuit and the experience of failure or victory. The observer is never the victor nor the victim but knows it all. Even this knowledge of wisdom sits as an object of observation. There is no victory in possessing the wisdom. It is this pure observer who can be content at the last breath of one’s life.

Find the observer who must have a variety of experiences of failures and success and once it breaks its attachment to the being the victor or the victim is when it truly reveals itself.

Start getting experiences of all the contradictions.