Chit chat with the rising sun 

With my hot cup of green tea, while gazing around the chirping birds, listening to their chit chats, feeling the warm rays of the beautiful shining sun on my face and sitting in my balcony, I felt like talking to the sun.

Me- Good morning.

Sun – Good morning. You don’t seem to be so happy. What happened?

Me – Umm…ya sort of …😕

Sun – So you can share with me about what’s bothering you.👩‍🔧

Me- Ya… actually. We have read so many times about the fact that we need to be grateful for everything we have in our life.But at present I’m not able to know what I m grateful for. You know…things are not going so good. I feel tired of so many issues. Just feel like giving up and not believing in all that crap about good talk and positivity.

The sun laughed.

And I’m like, how can you just laugh when I am surrounded by so many problems.

Sun – So you think it’s tough to be grateful for anything when you think you are surrounded by testing times.

Me – Ya sort of. 

Sun- So last night you had a pizza for dinner right? And you were gulping that pizza down as if you hadn’t had food in a while. And I know that you had a good lunch too. So just a reminder, why can’t you be grateful for that yummy food, when so many people are struggling for food.

Just while eating, try saying thank you god for this. It was too good.

The beautiful balcony you are sitting in with a lovely view, how does it feel to say— thank you god I have a beautiful house.

The paper or anything else that you read; thank you god and my parents for giving me a good education so that I can read and write.

The helper that comes to help you in your house work, if we feel grateful that we are blessed with help, then thank god. How does it feel?

I know your issues are heavier than what we can be grateful for. But still, we can think about these too in between those issues.

There’s your child calling you to give him a glass of water and you might get angry.😔😔 Why not give it happily?

Me- That’s not possible as I get tired with all the work. Why can’t they take it on their own?

Sun while laughing- Ok ok. Have you ever realised that when you are mentally tired these things appear bigger? What about doing a small practice now?

Close your eyes and imagine nothing. Just you , your breath and tht invisible power which is working through this mechanism. Just focus on your breathing, deep breathe in and out, after a few breaths, how about inhaling the blessings of the universe and exhaling out gratitude with every breath. Nothing else, no desires, nothing else, inhaling in blessings, exhaling out gratitude. Keep on doing it till you feel relaxed and open your eyes when you want to.

Me- Oh wow it was so good. I suddenly realised that I had forgotten about all my issues of the previous day and I was just feeling grateful for the cosmic energy that had just rejunvated my body mind soul. I thanked the beautiful sun and with that rejunvated energy just felt like starting my day with only gratitude and awareness.

I realised we all have our own struggles and they are all genuine for us, but we become so engrossed in them that we completely forget about so many blessings that we have gotten. We might have financial issues, relationship issues, study issues, mental issues, etc. But still, once in a while if we are just grateful to the universe for the things that we have, then we can multiply our blessings and our aura shines too with a smile of gratitude.