One of my hobbies is to cook. I cooked for the first time back when I was in high school and I used to make pizza, paneer and such kind of food. Once I made ‘kali mirch paneer’ by following Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe and it was not a disaster but also not very good.

When I was in graduation, I was in hostel so I couldn’t cook there. At max, we made maggi or fried rice on induction. But last year in the lockdown my interest on cooking started again, and I could cook as I was in home.

Cooking is my stress-bursting hobby. Sometimes when I feel stressed or too bogged down by some thoughts or emotions, I search the youtube for some delicious recipe and cook it. Though my mummy is my favorite cook, she makes wonderful ‘ghar ka khana’ but a few recipes I make better than her especially the paneer ones and my specialty the pav bhaji.

My sister loves my cooking and she asks me to cook sometimes. And although I am still learning and have to refer to youtube every time I cook I enjoy it thoroughly. Aur apne haath ka khana toh svaadisht lagta hi hai.