At the onset, please accept my deepest gratitude and sastang pranam oh revered Swamiji. It is all your grace that I am writing this post today. I am just overwhelmed and drawing a lot of energy from the platform of very noble souls. I consider myself very fortunate that I could find this wonderful livewire which is propelling me at a brake-neck speed in all aspects of life. In fact I am learning to live after all these years. I structured and systematic way along with a sense of true responsibility has awakened inside me.

From my low phase of last year, I have travelled a lot. My first success of getting an international paper published in an US Journal has opened the flood gate of various Publishers sending me e-mails inviting my next paper to publish in their journal. The Paper has created ripples in the Department of Atomic Energy in the field of Nuclear Radiation Monitoring and I had exchanged lot of ideas with Scientists from Germany, the US, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, the UK, France etc. I have got the International Exposure. All this credit is only due to you Swamiji. I dedicate all these accolades at your lotus feet Swamiji as you chose me to get the work done. You drove me, guided me, motivated me, lifted me and what not! Sahil has played a Keyboard piece in your honor (Spring by Antonio Vivaldi)

I have a lot of inclination towards writing. But I never got any proper platform before this. The platform is such a nice and non-judgmental one that I am able to write my heart out without any prejudice. I am a natural writer and do write in a flow. This platform has encouraged me to the maximum possible extent. I could discover that I have the potential to write poems in English and few days ago I discovered that I could write even Hindi Poems! This community is helping me to unleash my potential unknown to me! I am deeply humbled and offer my deepest gratitude at your feet Swamiji for embracing me and nurturing me through all the members of Right from the shout out to your presence in my neutron lab to Sanghamitra’s Covid Crises post and the latest one of how to reprogram your subconscious mind, Medhaji has been kind enough to feature our blogs regularly in the news letter. I am grateful to you Medhaji.

The month of June was just phenomenal for us in terms of facts and figures. The whopping response, our blog received has just put us on cloud nine! Below is the screen shot of the interactions and inspirations respectively which hit the upper circuit. What is more satisfying is that the posts garnered more inspiration points than the interaction points! I hope the scales on Y-Axes are not inflated 😉.

Counting my blessings at the end of first half of 2021 2

Interaction Points for the month of June 2021 is 1784!

Counting my blessings at the end of first half of 2021 3

Inspiration Points for the month of June 2021 is 2031! (You have sent me 10 years ahead in terms of numbers 😉)

These numbers reflect the love, affection and unconditional grace extended by all the family members. I would like to have a special mention of Shalini ji and Sushree Diya Om who have read and commented on each and every post. There are lot many silent readers who have read the blogs to whom I offer my deep gratitude. In fact Sanghamitra, Sahil and I, bow before the entire family for the showering of their love and wishes. My favorite Bachha Party have pumped in sufficient energy and enthusiasm in reading and commenting the posts which helped me cover that extra mile.

A lot of good things has been happening in our lives. Our garden has become the sweet green attraction with birds visiting at their will. Nest constructions are under progress at various locations including a balcony climber plant. Some times we have to freeze so that we do not disrupt the movement of birds taking bath in the bird-bath or eating insects in our garage area! I got late for office at several occasions, but the feeling was so satisfying that it can not be described in words.

For all these positive happenings, we three would like to thank the universe, Swamiji and the awesome family from the bottom of our hearts. Sending out quanta of good vibes.

Thank you all. Jai Shri Hari…

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