I am an international student and a regular reader of Swamiji’s blog. Each and every thought shared by Swamiji acted as a source of guidance to me in the turbulent times.  The truth which I like to share is about the attribute of charity, challenges, and unexpected gift during the pandemic times. Due to the covid crisis, a lot of students like me are struggling for a part-time job where hiring was freezed due to pandemic. Most of us were working in small restaurants and cafes which we were all shut down. This made us struggle with the expenditure and manage our stay abroad to continue our studies. This is the situation we never imagined and I was constantly worried about how to manage the expense as all the part-time job applications went without any reply. With the pressure of online studies at one hand and the burden of managing expense on the other hand, there were lots of sleepless days and nights. Hearing the speech and smile of Swamiji literally gave me a boost to continue striving. This made me think about what can I do, instead of worrying about the future which is uncertain at the moment. One fine day, there was a call for being a volunteer in my university to help people in the corona crisis. Along with my studies, I volunteered to work as a helping assistant in the university without any pay. This made me look at life from a different viewpoint that there were many other challenges faced by people which I never imagined. I gave all my best efforts on both my studies and volunteer activity leaving less room for thinking. This gave me happiness and a feeling that am progressing and helping someone in the means. I never expected anything out of the volunteer activity and today as a surprise,I have got a mail from the university stating they have shortlisted me for a scholarship and will let me know the result by end of September. Whatever might be the result, I have developed a firm belief that I will be kept on serving and engage in actions as an offering to God.

Today is my birthday. I am seeking the blessing of Swamiji to reach a position and extend my support for a larger section of people.