Sometimes when you feel lost and abandoned, you tend to take things with a bitter note. You might wander around and wonder about the things happening to you and the reasons of why these things are happening only to you. There comes before you two choices, to either sink into a muddy basin of negativities or to rise up in the difficult slopes of life and seek out the sun.

Things turned out likewise for me. I started following a creative side of me which I never knew existed. I used some old newspapers and some cartons lying around to start some very small projects. At first the projects appeared very amateurish and then soon I discovered some inner talent hidden somewhere.

Sometimes applying your mind and heart to doing something creative, be it some creative project, composing some music, learning some music or even reading books can help someone overcome the bitter side of their past or even present. 

Some pictures:

Crafts and myself #thewritechoice 2
Crafts and myself #thewritechoice 3
Crafts and myself #thewritechoice 4
Crafts and myself #thewritechoice 5
Crafts and myself #thewritechoice 6
Crafts and myself #thewritechoice 7

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