Hello os.me family, Today I am here to share a story about little Krishna and a fruit seller. I thought you all must have heard this story from your grandmother and grandfather. I heard this story from my mom.

Here’s the the story which I want to share with all of you:


One day little cute Krishna was playing in a garden with her friends. When he was playing in garden he heard a sound of a fruit seller. He ran fastly and asked the fruit seller to give some fruits. The fruit seller said that what will you give in exchange of some fruits. He ran in a room and got hand full wheat in her small hands. He saw his hands and started crying. The fruit seller said don’t cry little Krishna I will give you some fruits in exchange of it. He took the fruits and went away. When it was night the fruit seller saw his fruit basket. The fruit seller was shocked to see that his full basket was full of golden jewellery.


Takeaway :

I got to know if a devotee of a God give something to someone with happiness and kindness the God gives him back by multiplying it thousands times.


                       Jai Sri Hari 

Keep Smiling