Cutting trees is a sin 1

Namaste readers and members, today I want to tell you something on a true incident that happened in my society.

If people’s in a society will start live to live in a unity, then the atmosphere of that society will be very good and that society will inspire other societies. But what if the relationship between the people in the society is not good, then will that society be able to make a positive impact? Not at all. Something similar happened in my colony. 

Earlier in my colony, all people used to live in unity, so the atmosphere was quite good, slowly people got away, they got into fights and those fights increased so much that they started harming the nature. There was such a fight in our colony that some people cut down the trees of the park. 

If the quarrel remains with each other then it is right, but if it starts harming the nature then the matter will slip again. 

Now in these fights, there was no fault of those trees, In park those trees used to give shade, children used to play under them, the flowers that were on them were offered in the temple of God. It is a sin to cut trees without any reason, even if they don’t move it does not Mean that they don’t have life, they also have souls. We have always been plucking flowers, fruits, leaves from trees, but have we ever given them anything, not at all. 

Just meant to say that trees should never be cut down without any reason, they also have life and no one has any right to snatch someone’s life. Yes you can trim the trees, if it causes so much trouble, but no one has the right to cut down trees from roots. 

I would like to give a message in the last-

If you save trees, trees will save you….

Each tree represents a memory….



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