Day in and out,

Determined like a scout,

I meditate for wisdom to sprout,

But there always remains a doubt.


The doubt that I,

Won’t gain wisdom any,

Better is to go and work for penny.

Resistances I face are many,

Emotions are not sweet like in rainy,

Seems like all my efforts are phony.


Although I wake with a lot of hope,

Challenges many but ready to cope,

Mind says ‘quit’ but I say ‘nope’.

Breaking tendencies attached with rope,

Riding the mind like in slope.


Day by Day,

This fight I play,

To make my way,

For demons within to slay,

A lot is there to pay,

Making awareness to stay,

And keep negativity at bay.


The whole effort of the spiritual process is to break the boundaries you have drawn for yourself and experience the immensity that you are. The aim is to unshackle yourself from the limited identity you have forged, as a result of your own ignorance, and live the way the Creator made you—utterly blissful and infinitely responsible. 

~ Sadhguru



Persistence Vectors by Vecteezy