This is what I wrote to myself to get a clearer picture of daydreaming. I won’t go into any further sub-category of daydreaming.

What is daydreaming?

i. I won’t work hard to be the person I want to be but instead I will simply fantasize in my mind about all the joy I would have.

ii. Daydreams are always of the future.

iii. When I would be doing my daily tasks like studying( lol), watching YouTube videos, even while writing this, a fantasy following a thought would appear and that keeps me from getting the work done.

What is the origin according to you?

The pain of reality. The singular most important reason is to escape reality and hide in that comfortable darkness.

What is the cure?

I. Long term perspective : Start facing the reality and the hardship that it brings along. For me that would be chasing my basic structure of happiness( something I would maybe write about in future).

II. Short term perspective : Don’t categorize it as right or wrong, don’t bother going down that path at all. You can clearly see it hinder with the task at hand, so just know that it prevents you to be that person in real life (this actually helped me to get out of maladaptive daydreaming 4 months ago). Be mindfulness and gently bring your mind back.

The above written text is what I wrote on my notebook to myself this morning.