Dear Future Me,

It is difficult to write a letter to your future self. Because you want so many things and you know you can achieve them but you have the fear that you may fail to do so. But they say, one day we have to overcome our fears to become the best version of ourselves. I hope this letter does justice. 

So, in the future I don’t know what you have become or what kind of person you are, but I hope you still remember the roots and like a strong mango tree, you stick to the roots. You never had an easy life, and I know that. It is only because of what you have faced in the past that you are the person you have become now and trust me, I am PROUD of you! Always and forever!

Do you remember how much fear you carried around, of losing people? I know, you left that behind a long time. The only fear you have now is that you might lose yourself. Don’t worry! Believe in you and you shall never leave yourself. It is difficult to love oneself at times, and I may not be the right person to say this but I truly loved you even when you were drowning under things you should have left behind a long time ago. And when you did that, I know it wasn’t easy.

I am glad we still kept the habit of saying gratitude every night before we slept. Never underestimate the power of those small words you say to yourself. Meditation has come a long way in maintaining peace and strength within us. I remember how many months it took us to actually accept it.

I now want to take this opportunity to tell you something that I should have said earlier in life. 

I am proud of what you have become. The beautiful and strong woman who I (when young) always dreamed of becoming. I am happy to see how understanding you are, but I am most happy to see how you don’t let the opinions of others bother you. It has been a long process I know for sure, but I have always wished for the strength to say NO when I don’t want to do something or its just a simple NO to some favour. I am glad that you now have the strength to say NO to situations and people. I can see people have left us over the years, but I am glad to see a few familiar faces who genuinely stuck by you when the world went against you. I don’t think if they know this, but they mean the WORLD to you.

I am more than happy to see you get up everyday with the same strength to put on a suit and walk in the world, demanding every head to turn your way. I am also proud of you to have accepted the stretch marks, acne and body mass which you were conscious of for so many years. Remember, looks never matter if you know what you want and you are true to your values and believes. Be proud of the curves you got! 

Another important thing, I LOVE YOU! I know, I never said that aloud or actually meant it when I said it. But trust me, I loved you at your every step and at your every failure. I will always be the first person to give you a hand to get up when you fall. I will be the person in the front row cheering loudly when you receive credit for something you do! 

Don’t worry of what people say when you failed. Walk ahead and hold your head strong. Yes, past mistakes are in the past and I remember the day when you started the journey towards you from me. 

So, when you read this again, I know you will be more strong and fearless and proud of the future self than now. 



Current Me