Dear Maa,

I have been dying to tell You
How much You mean to me
I wonder what meeting You would be like!
Will it feel like unicorns and rainbows
Or will it be like embracing meadows?
What will it be like, Maa?

This maze of life You have put me in
Is a suffering I can’t escape
Help me come out of it,
And bind me to Your drape
I love that mysterious smile of Yours
I want to dive deep into it
And stay inside its curve, forever

The ticking of the clock is reverberating
In my ears
Yes, I can feel my time ticking away
With each and every verse I write
I can feel time ticking away
Take me along with You before
it passes forever
Before I forget You once again
Before I die and come back in oblivion
Take me along with You

The outgrown nails on my fingers yearn
As much as my heart does, for one glance of You
Every video I watch or every talk I listen to
Where You have talked, smiled and laughed aloud
Increases my yearning even more

Saying this
I am sealing this letter
In an envelope of love
with devotion not so pure
But innocent they are, indeed

Your loving child

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